Sneak peak…

Want to know what I have been up to these past few days? Aside from the usual work and normal-life stuff?

Drawing. And adding finishing touches to drawings. And collecting addresses from across the globe to compile what I consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments in life: a completed spreadsheet with all the addresses of everyone I love and care about.

In an effort to make the first impression of our wedding totally us, I am drawing my wedding invitations. Or rather, I drew one of them, and have had approximately 350435 conversations with my mom and the printer via phone, email, and phone pictures (thank goodness for phone pictures! Planning a wedding half-way across the country could not be done without it.) to finally, finally get to the point where they have been ordered and we are pleased with the results.

Although there has been one minor problem that turned out to be a really good thing: when I drew the bride and groom, I did not fill in the groom’s suit dark enough. After a few conversations with the printer and a few misunderstandings, the invitations were printed off with Eric wearing a white suit. Eeeeh………I tried not to panic. I tried to make myself believe that it’s not like it is really Eric (who would NEVER wear a white suit), and it’s okay if it’s not perfect…..but yeah.

They did, in fact, need to be perfect. After all the time I put into them? Yes, sometimes perfection is required and nothing less. So, my mom saved the day. She is (hi, Mom!!! This is a shout out to you!!!) going over every one of them by hand, and filling in the suit with a really great watercolor pen that make them look even more unique and special. She’s the best wedding coordinator ever. Thanks, Mom.

Anyway, so that’s been my life. That and earthquakes and hurricanes that weren’t as bad as we thought they would be.

P.S. The drawing in the far right picture is not going on the invitation…that is just one of the many doodles I have lying around my office and bedroom. Hey Mom, whenever you told me to stop drawing on my math paper and get back to work as a child, I just put it off until I was an adult.

What questions would you ask a person…

if you had to get to know them really well, in a really short amount of time?

(Answers like “what is your favorite flavor of ice cream” and “what is your favorite color” shall be mocked and scorned appropriately.) Hehe. Obviously.

But really……what would you ask? I want to know.

Eric and I just finished reading this book, with our pastor, in our pre-marital counseling sessions. That’s right everyone, we are now all set to handle marriage! Don’t worry, we don’t really think that. Did we learn anything from this book?? Yes. Yes, we learned a ton.

If you want to get to know someone fast, no matter what kind of relationship you are in, read this book and discuss. Actually, just talk about marriage and what it means to be married, what it means to try and live as a selfless human being, how to raise children, how to deal with money as a couple, and realistic expectations.

Not only will you realize a lot about the other person, but you will realize a lot of things about yourself (like, how naturally you look after your own needs. No, you really, really do.). I imagine if I were reading this with a guy I wasn’t sure about, this book would be horrifying. But, reading it with Eric, discussing what we read and analyzing everything, was one of the most comforting, most reassuring things I have ever done.

The only thing not so comforting is the fact that I am a selfish person. Did I mention that? You just don’t realize the extent until you have to (and want to!) think of someone else.

This marriage thing is exciting and scary at the same time. Bring. it. on.

A little honeycomb to live in

On Saturday, Eric and I continued our apartment hunt. We visited this sunny little condo and were instantly smitten, and told the nice married couple who owns it that we wanted it right then and there. On Monday night, we signed the lease! Eric will be moving in in October, and I will join him after we go to Oklahoma and come back as a married couple. Eeeeee!!!

Until we found our apartment (the place we will be spending the first year of our lives together!!), I felt like an actor on a stage in between set changes. The backdrop was a cozy little room with a couch and bookshelves and familiar things, then they took it away. And before they could finish lowering the next backdrop, the curtain rose and the actors were standing there with a sheet of black behind them. I knew it was silly to feel lost and confused, but my future self and my future husband had no imaginiary place to reside in my mind! It was bothersome. It made me miss Oklahoma. And it made me sad that Eric and I have to live so far away from each other before we get married (about 45 minutes….not exactly a long distance relationship, but I want him to be by my side all the time. Normal stuff.)

Now that I have a visual of what our home will look like, my mind is at ease (and dancing constantly with decorating possibilities!!).

…Until I remember the 5,349,453,394 things that have to be done in the next 65 days. 65 days!! That’s 65 days until I become a wife, ladies and gentlemen.

Pictures from our super fun lease-signing party in Eric’s car: