eleven things

You may remember my friend Kerri from her post here a few days ago? Well, she tagged me in the Eleven Things meme that has been taking over the blogworld (slight exaggeration, but still) so now it is my turn to….

    1. Post these rules.
    2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
    3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
    4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
    5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

eleven random things:

1) I have always loved opera music, and the voices of boys choirs, choirs in general, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, and okay yeah…Charlotte Church (when I was younger). I feel like I am in heaven when I listen to them.
2) I love breakfast. It is a daily ritual I thrive on.
3) I love mornings, in general. But mainly because of breakfast.
4) Rainy days when I get to be inside (like today)…are the best.
5) When I was in high school, I liked math, but I always put off my homework until the last minute. I still vividly remember panicked Sunday nights of tears and panic attacks…followed by self-pep talks and strong resolve to survive what had to be the world’s greatest problem.
6) I can handle a lot of human flaws, and I know no one is perfect, but I have a hard time being nice to people who are inconsiderate of others.
7) I cannot look at things that are really cute for a long period of time. I get a physical pain in my chest. I can look at a picture of any of my nieces for maybe 7 seconds before I just have to walk away.
8) I had two marriage proposals before Eric asked me to marry him. They both happened before I was 8 years old. I think I was wise in holding off.
9) My movie crush when I was little was Jimmy Stewart. I never really got into Leo Dicaprio or Brad Pitt or any other supposed Hollywood heart throb.
10) The bravest thing I ever did in high school was take over the “goth table” during lunch. You know, like sat down with my friends before the goth kids showed up. Then we invited them to sit with us.
11) I made coconut muffins this morning. And I can’t think of anything more interesting that that!

And now the questions Kerri has for me!

1. What is your all-time favorite movie?

Ah gee…I can’t pick just one! But okay: Anne of Green Gables (and You’ve Got Mail and the Godfather but you didn’t see that….)

2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Everything. I wanted to be a ballerina, a mom, chef, magazine editor, author, singer, fashion designer, shop owner, artist, photographer, greeting card designer, speech writer. Among other things.

3. What is your most prized possession? (must be a material thing)

It sounds lame to say my laptop…but it has all my pictures and writing in it! Or the journal Eric gave me for my birthday, with a note inside that still makes me cry when I read it. I also have a special fondness for my first pair of point shoes. Oh, and I do love my engagement/wedding band.

4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream hands down. It might be the death of me.

5. If you could vacation anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?

Right now? Anywhere in the French countryside. Or Tuscany….sigh.

6. What song would you choose for the first dance at your wedding? (If you’re already married, what was it?)

“Ask me why” by the Beatles :). It happened.

7. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment to date?

Hmmm….I don’t really know. I like to think of everything I have been through in my life as preparing me for something else. I am proud of my seven completed journals. I have learned so much from re-reading them.

8. What is the last book you read?

The last book I completed was Mockingjay, I believe. I have been reading 3 books for a while now.

9. What is one of the things you love most about yourself? Physical or otherwise.

My hair and I have a very close bond.

10. Who do you consider to be your biggest role model?

My mom! I want to be just like her when I grow up: wise, stylish, and an awesome cook and hostess.

11. How did you meet your best friend?

My life-long best friend and I met when our moms introduced us as infants. We didn’t become besties until age 12, though.

Okay, I am now tagging Emily and Julie (and anyone else who wants to!!), and these are my questions for them/you:

1. If nutrition had nothing to do with it, what ONE FOOD would you chose to live on for the rest of your life?
2. If you wrote your autobiography, what would you call it?
3. What movie or book character do you relate to the most?
4. If you could take one singer out of the music industry (this person would find another profession), who would it be?
5. You can invite three tv characters over for dinner (not the actors who portray them). Who do you invite?
6. If you had to pack your bags today and move somewhere for a year, where would it be?
7. If you could be an expert at anything, with no training, what would it be?
8. What do you wish you were brave enough to do?
9. If you had to build your home out of your own two hands, with no help from anyone, what would it look like and how modern would it be?
10. Who is one person in history you have a lot of respect for?
11. What character quality stands out to you as being very admirable, and why?

When life throws you a curve ball…

…go to anthropologie and try on a bunch of clothes you can’t afford.
That’s my motto, anyway.
“We should always endeavor to wonder at the permanent thing, not at the mere exception. We should be startled by the sun, and not by the eclipse. We should wonder less at the earthquake, and wonder more at the earth.” -G.K. Chesterton
We should always endevour to wonder that so much in our lives is stable, that curve balls happen once in a blue moon. We should be startled by the mundane goodness in our lives, and wonder less at the spontaneous acts of disturbance that temporarily upset the status quo. In the end, there are far fewer disturbances than normalities.
That is how I am reading G.K. this morning. He has a way of making me feel like an old friend.

happy saturday!

This morning Eric and I got up at a decent time.
We ate breakfast.
We went thrifting in Old Town Alexandria.
Purchases were immediately assigned homes around the house.
Plate #1=candle holder
Plate #2 + one raised silver bowl = make up holder. Green bottle = make up brush holder for one (in my mind, the circumference of a make up brush is 50% smaller than the actual circumference in real life).
Eric took pictures in Old Town, and in the kitchen.
I suggested captions for it on facebook like, “Jenny where she belongs.” and “Jenny, barefoot.” Eric didn’t like either of those and went with “Jenny at home.” I like captions to stir up a bit of controversy, personally.
Then Eric made dinner–in the kitchen (ironically). And it was delicious!! Doesn’t it always tastes better when someone else makes it? Elk tacos (elk, compliments of Jennifer’s family).
And that was our Saturday! I hope yours was lovely.

Sequins & Netflix: Why Being an Old Lady at 23 is Totally Awesome (guest post)

I am so excited to introduce Kerri to you! If you have not already met her, I can tell you that she is a pretty cool person, as you will see from her post today. She’s a journalist born and raised in New York, has great taste in books, movies, and fashion, and most importantly, she has her priorities straight, as you will see below. I’ll let her speak for herself, though….


Hi Jeneric Generation readers! I’m Kerri fromThe Heart of the City blog and I am so excited to do this a guest post in this awesome space. When my sweet internet friend Jenny asked me to write up a piece about my life and some recent lessons I’ve learned, I knew exactly which anecdote I wanted to talk about. From the photo above, you can see that I am totally gung ho about that sequin jacket I’m wearing and … I know you’re on the edge of your seat … below you will find out why! I hope that at least some of you can relate to my recent tiny epiphanies … and I would love to see all of you over at The Heart of the City (where I post about everything from fashion, music and art to personal posts like the one you’re about to read) anytime! Thanks again to Jenny for having me!

Sequins & Netflix: Why Being an Old Lady at 23 is Totally Awesome

I just recently turned 23 years old, but have been feeling significantly older for some time… and this is not a bad thing. My old lady attributes have nothing to do with declining health or vitality; they have nothing to do with wrinkles or sun spots; I am not married, I don’t have children, I still don’t even have a 9-5 job, my own apartment or my own health insurance. I definitely don’t wear support hose or those crazy beige walking shoes. My being old comes with one really great thing that too many young people just don’t have — self-awareness. I fully embraced my old lady self on a recent night out to celebrate one of my dearest friend’s 24th birthday, in which I was called an old lady several times by my pals for three things: drinking nothing but one beer and refusing any and all free shots, wearing a sequin jacket and heading home at 1 a.m. Here’s why I think that’s totally awesome.

I Won’t Spend My Sunday Mornings with My Head in a Toilet Bowl

Being a fledgling journalist, partnered with the fact that the closest thing we had to an on campus hang out was a small Irish pub called Fitz, I had my fair share of the drink in college. It wasn’t unusual to find myself with a big group of friends at the bar at 1 in the afternoon on a Wednesday or slipping a shot or two of Jameson into my Diet Pepsi to get through a particularly long production at the newspaper on Thursday nights. I did the raucous house party thing; I did the school trip with lax supervision and free flowing vodka, I did a whole lot of bar crawling for everything from graduations to birthdays to drowning sorrows in a quick succession of SoCo Lime shots. Once college ended I had far fewer reasons to go out to drink and my party girl personality quickly fell to the wayside, I had more time to think about how crappy drinking actually made me feel. I had spent more than one night sick to my stomach and more than one Sunday hung over and I realized that anything more than a very modest amount of alcohol just doesn’t work for me and that I never wanted to deal with the consequences of overdrinking again. I would much rather have a cocktail or glass of wine with dinner and free-flowing good conversation than to stuff myself with as much alcohol as I can hold until I’m half-awake and making terrible drunken decisions that I regret the next morning. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by being the young person that doesn’t want to drink myself into a stupor. I’ve had my wild drinking days (which even then were few and far between) and I’m completely ready to say that they’re behind me. Call me an old lady all you want, but while you’re in bed nursing a hangover I’ll be up, actually remembering what happened the night before and feeling ready to face a new day.

I Won’t Wear Skimpy Clothes Just to Get a Guy’s Attention

Let me preface this by saying SEQUIN JACKETS ARE COOL, THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE TYPICAL OLD LADY WARDROBE AND THE KIND OF OLD LADY WHO WEARS SEQUINS IS THE KIND OF LADY I WANT TO BE! Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest … one thing I’ve always been really great at is wearing exactly what I want without a thought for anyone else’s wardrobe. While my style has changed drastically since high school, it’s always been totally indicative of my personality and tastes at the time. A lot of girls my age fall into the trap of thinking that just because they’re spending a night out on the town they have to wear 6 inch stilettos and skintight dresses that expose, well, everything. I would so much rather wear something pretty, something interesting, something cool, something that feels completely me than to wear something that a hundred others girls wear which would get me unwanted and completely superficial attention from strange guys. Give me a pair of comfortable dancing shoes, a pair of skinny jeans, a slouchy tee and a blazer or a ladylike dress anytime. Understated and sophisticated but fun and whimsical ensembles are totally up my alley and I would much rather be remembered as the girl who wore an comparatively old lady style outfit than the girl who was ogled by everyone for wearing practically nothing in front of an entire room of drunken fools with no appreciation for fashion. I mean, sequins you guys! What is better than sequins?!

I Will Get a Good Night’s Sleep

My prime productive hours occur between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. On a typical day after 10 you can find me winding down my day, catching up on emails and blogs, reading a good book, or watching something amazing on TV — all while in sweats with glasses on and my hair in ponytail. If I’m going to be out past this time, it’s going to be for something really worthwhile like a concert, a Broadway show, singing terrible karaoke in a private room, or eating breakfast for dinner at a diner (which is probably my favorite thing to do at any time of day)… not for getting plastered. Show me a marathon of Storage Wars, plop a delicious snack in front of me and I am completely content for at least two hours. By being home before 1 a.m. instead of at a bar or club most nights I have had time to do a ton of great stuff like catch up on 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights, have a boy band jam session in my bedroom with my sister, finish books on my very long to-read list, hang out with my incredible mom and write this essay, among other things… and that was just in January. Being in bed by 1 a.m. has also afforded me with the very best fight against looking like an old lady at 23 — a proper sleep schedule helps maintain healthy skin, healthy hair and a healthy weight. While other gals my age are dealing with combing out their matted hair, scraping off the makeup they forgot to wash off last night and contending with the pallor and eye circles caused from too little sleep, I usually have the bright eyes and rosy cheeks of a mere tween… unless I stay up too late watching Netflix, of course.

Kerri, thanks again for writing this awesome lifestyle post that has brought warmth to my soul, as I am sure it has done for others. You have made me feel much better about my chosen way of life (namely, going to bed early). 
I hope you all will visit Kerri on her blog where she will draw you in with her compelling writing style, and entertaining content.