DIY: make your own fun

Week night dates are something we don’t really do. As two tired people who enjoy each other’s company at home after a day of work, a typical week night looks like this: straighten the house, eat dinner, check off random items on to-do list, watch TV, read in bed. We are pretty exciting people.

But every once in a while, we like to pretend we are caught up on everything during the week: we put all our adult-burdens aside and become carefree teenagers. And by that I simply mean we make popcorn and watch a movie. 

Tonight is that night. Poor Eric has been laid up for the past couple of days with a damaged lower back. He pulled a bunch of muscles and stuff (doctor’s terms) and has been forced to lie down flat until it gets better (doctors appointments in between). So, the living room has been turned into a hospital of sorts and I am doing a great job of overlooking the mess, and focusing on helping Eric do things he cannot do on his own–like pick up things off of the ground.

Furthermore, while Eric has been couch-ridden, he has simultaneously become addicted to the show Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Apparently, so I’m told, this is a show about a motorcycle gang in California. From what I have gathered from the few glimpses I allow myself at the TV, this show is really all about putting people in trunks, blood, lots of hospital visits, feuds settled with weaponry and an Irish accent here and there. I’ll stick with the Mindy Project, thanks.

Needless to say, it’s been a real cheery place around here.

In an effort to combat pending depression and boredom, we are pretending it is date night and that all is well and most thrillingly: I am bringing salted caramel brownies into existence for the occasion (thank you, Joanna!). I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday evening. 

On that note…Do you have any movie/documentary recommendations from Netflix (streaming only)? We would love to hear.

(I just realized this is Wednesday and thus, this should be a “midweek musings” post…oops. Next week…)

P.S. If you look at the pictures above and imagine my hand is the swollen hand of another person grabbing my face, you might get an extra element of “fun” you were not expecting from this helpful DIY post.

P.P.S. At what age does it become inappropriate to take self-photos on your laptop and put them on the internet?

the most wonderful time of the year

I am all for doing things you don’t want to do just because it is good for you, but this past week, I didn’t have it in me to blog. Not one bit. I wanted to read. Which I did. And write a short story. Which I also did. Both were fulfilling but the latter was like a load off my chest.

It felt good. It felt good not blogging. I never want blogging to be a chore, and I think brief breaks are necessary for that. In making little creative plans with Eric, and thinking up ways to push myself, sometimes it is good to just stop, back off, and let yourself breathe a little bit to avoid burnout. Or, so I have learned.

I am looking forward to cozy winter nights, and getting out of the house on chilly evenings just so you can come back to a warm bed. I am also ready for Christmas. 

This time of year,  I start to crave New York City–its charm and the magical-ness of the season that it exudes. I love DC this time of year, too. I mustn’t think the grass is always greener. Why is it that big cities are so enchanting at Christmastime? I am hoping to convince Eric to take some winter night pictures of DC in the near future…there are a few famous Christmas trees that are calling my name.

These are from almost two years ago, when Eric and I were dating and would hop on the bus to NYC in the early morning, and then come back late at night. Being away from home, and walking from the upper west side through Central Park and down toward Times Square, we were inspired to discuss future screenplays and big ideas, and pretend like anything was possible. 7th Avenue and Broadway will do that to a person.


I am thankful for:

My husband. I am so thankful for him. His patience and spontaneous impersonations, his insight, and knowledge of things I know nothing about: like technology and broken things and all that stuff I pretend does not exist when something goes wrong.

My family. They are funny and sweet and no matter what, we talk about things openly, and we get through the difficult stuff together. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

My friends. I am so thankful for our wonderful group of friends here, and also my friends back home who somehow don’t feel that far away thanks to daily emails, texts, and phone chats. I’m thankful they have not forgotten about me. Everyone thinks their friends are the best but, I really do think mine are the best. 

Blogging. Really and truly. I am thankful for the creative outlet it gives me, your inspiring blogs I get to read, and I am mostly thankful for every one of you who takes time to read JenEric Generation and reach out to me. It means a lot to me.

Being able to live in this city. I miss my family, but for now, I am fulfilling a childhood dream by living among so much history and beauty. I am loving it while it lasts.

The little church where Eric and I met, and still attend today. We are blessed with wonderful preaching every Sunday, and the most genuine, open, loving church family anyone could ask for. We love them.

Work. Blah blah blah. So many mixed emotions here. But I am. I am so thankful that Eric and I have both have jobs.

Ballet. I am thankful that I get to take it again, I am thankful that it exists, I am thankful that Louis XIV was brave enough to put on a pair of dancin’ shoes and force other people to learn his moves. I am.

Literacy. Yes, I am thankful for my ability to read and write, and more importantly, thankful that I was taught at an age when it didn’t seem daunting. Seriously, learning to read as an adult would be so challenging, wouldn’t it? We should all pat ourselves on the back right now for being so brilliant. Or something like that.

Food. I love it. And always have it around. The fact that I have never truly known what hunger feels like is something that I should never take for granted, but I do.

Music. My life would lack a little piece of joy without it.

Coffee. Shouldn’t take this for granted either. I love coffee and all it stands for.

What are you thankful for?

Rouge & Whimsy

a woman with a sense of humor


“You’ll make me vain,” I said. 
“Not with your sense of humour,” said Dean. “A woman with a sense of humour is never vain. The most malevolent bad fairy in the world couldn’t bestow two such drawbacks on the same christened babe.”
“Do you call a sense of humor a drawback?” I asked.
“To be sure it is. A woman who has a sense of humour possesses no refuge from the merciless truth about herself. She cannot think herself misunderstood. She cannot revel in the self-pity. She cannot comfortably damn any one who differs from her. No, Emily, the woman with a sense of humour isn’t to be envied.”-Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery