The secret to cooking / what we’ve been eating

It’s Friday! And Good Friday at that. I can’t wait to celebrate Easter this Sunday. Tomorrow will be spent baking in preparation for this Sunday’s celebration, and possibly a little lounging around the house. We’ll see.


I can’t say I have a lot of wisdom to pass along to the younger generations just yet, but I have learned one thing in my 26 years of living: when you come home from a long day at work, starving, and you really wish you had a house elf to make you a delicious dinner (Eric really, really wants Dobby): pour yourself a glass of wine.

Then start cooking. Just do it. Unless you are under 21 (I’m not sure what I mean exactly by “younger generation” and one can’t be too careful).

Your entire outlook on the task at hand will change. Cooking suddenly becomes a relaxing event you can focus on entirely while forgetting all the troubles of the world (if that sounded like I am encouraging drunkenness here, I am not at all). If you want to get even more into a twilight zone, turn on some music and shut out the world. And that’s it. That is my profound secret.

I find it to be a very satisfying personal accomplishment when I can successfully use the ingredients in my fridge to make five meals in succession without having to go to the store. Even better when I can use one ingredient from the night before and transform it into a new dish the next night. Last week, I made simple roast chicken and a salad. The next night, I used the leftover cooked chicken to make stir fry. Bam.

I cook a lot of one-dish recipes that can be made in a few pans on the stove. Sometimes, I like putting something in the oven and waiting. Most of the time, however, I like to taste as I go along, make small changes, and really feel like I had a hand in the end result.

I always love hearing/seeing what other people are eating, as it helps me branch out and get out of cooking ruts. Here is a taste (pun absolutely intended) of what we have been eating over the past month, if you care to take a gander…What are you eating these days?


And that’s that. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Style is all around us: March edition

The past few weeks here have been pretty gloomy for the most part. I mean, it snowed on Monday. No signs of spring except for the vase of daffodils on my kitchen table. 

But while the state of the outdoors makes spring-inspired outfits a little tricky, I was instantly inspired when I saw Shirley’s post featuring a pink coat. I’ve been a big fan of Shirley’s blog for a while now, so it’s about time I did a style post inspired by her,really.

This outfit was easy to recreate, since it lets one clothing item take the spotlight. Even though it made it easy that I had a pink coat, the idea of making your coat the main attraction is a simple solution to getting dressed. 

When I saw her outfit post, I thought to myself, “I have a pink coat! I’m doing this!” And then I wondered, “do I look like her in it?” The answer is no, but I wouldn’t mind. She is gorgeous and I think her style is so polished and fun. 

If I still have to wear a coat in March, at least it is pink, right? If you didn’t know, I am obsessed with this coat. I bought it four years ago, and still look forward to wearing it every winter season.

coat: Anthropologie
purse: H&M
leggings: Express
shirt: LOFT
vest: Old Navy (super old)
cardigan: TJ Maxx 
(even older…like, middle-school old)
shoes: Nine West

Health Illustrated

Since I have gone all sketchbook crazy, I decided to put my habit to good use. While some things I talked about a few weeks ago during my “health/nutrition” week are easy for me to remember daily, I wanted to make a reminder for myself that I can refer to in months to come. 

These are important things to remember, guys! And I don’t know about you, but a colorful illustration is enough to motivate me to treat my body a little bit better.

I had way too much fun making this and I am sharing it here in case you want to use it…you know, in case you have the exact same daily regimen as I do. 

jeneric health color


sketchbook therapy

My sketchbook is a conglomeration of half-hearted doodles,
favorite quotes glued atop magazine pages, 
and sketches dated years apart. 
When my sisters and I were younger, we would sit
sprawled out on the floor for hours, drawing and listening to
audio tapes. It felt so therapeutic, and I had forgotten.
Recently though, as in the last few days, I have remembered
how relaxing sketching can be. I have been writing out passages
of my favorite books, and making a rule for myself that I 
cannot use the eraser at all. It provides a mental challenge, 
because I have to figure out where to put each word as
I go along, so that it both fits on the page, and is visually appealing. 
After a long day, this little activity fulfills the “need for mindlessness”
requirement, but is much more satisfying than watching T.V. 
Do you have a sketchbook? If you do, I would love 
to feature its pages here on Jeneric Generation. 
I mean it. Send me an email.
Wouldn’t that be a fun series? 
My sketchbook pinterest board here.