Growing Pains


Oh, HEY!

It’s been a while, I know. If you’ve wondered why I haven’t blogged in a month, first of all: thanks for noticing, secondly, the answer is that I’ve been living life. Chances are, that’s what you’ve been doing, too! Am I right?

The thing about blogging breaks, for me, is that they follow a predictable and necessary pattern. And it comes in three phases.

1) A couple of weeks into it, I start panicking that every body in the entire world is sitting in a chair, scratching their head, pondering what I might be doing instead of blogging.

2) Approximately three seconds later, I realize that exactly zero people are doing that, and I cut myself some slack and go to the kitchen to look for a cookie.

3) The next day, I feel like I am getting away with murder. I’m like, “hey, I don’t ever have to blog ever AGAIN! What movies should I sit down and watch to forget the world?” Most of the time, I don’t actually watch a movie, but I DO start to wonder why I feel like I am getting away with something…

Is blogging like homework? Is it something that doesn’t always sound like fun, but when I sit down to do it, it’s not that bad, and when I finish, I feel a sense of accomplishment?

It’s a lot like that, actually.

But stepping aside from that for just a minute, let me tell you what I’ve really been up to for the past 47 days (but whose counting, right?):

1) Reading

2) Writing (offline…imagine that!)

3) Getting rid of stuff (have we talked about how much I LOVE throwing stuff away?)

4) Starting an Etsy shop (more on that soon!!)

5) And yes, taking care of an adorable baby munchkin child (she’s kind of addicting…)

The point is: I’ve been loving this break from the online world.

But how does one come back in from a blogging break, intentional or otherwise?

That’s a fantastic question. So fantastic, in fact, that it has kept me from coming back to my blog many times over. How DOES one come back after a month of silence, even if the world isn’t waiting with bated breath?

I haven’t outgrown blogging. I haven’t. But, I do think I am going through some growing pains, in the creativity department. I don’t know if motherhood has anything to do with it, or if it’s just because I’ve been writing JenEric Generation for four years and feel the need to shake things up.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and still don’t have any concrete answers. I do know that I need to write to stay sane, and I still love this blog for the creative outlet that it is. I am realizing more and more how important creativity is to my well-being.

I’m still thinking a few things through and waiting around for a little clarity (I know it will come).

jenericgeneration-etsyshop-oops copy



So this post is to say that I’m coming back, but not quite yet. I need a little bit more time!

And when I do come back, there will be a few changes. I have an idea that needs a few more brain cells dedicated to it. But I like it. It’s a slightly different direction, but I think a change might be just what I need. It has to do with creativity in everyday life…but it in a more concrete, fleshed-out kind of way. But I’m still fleshing it out.

I’m sorry to be vague. But I promise I’ll have more to say soon. In the near future, I plan on posting here before I am officially “back” to tell you all about my Etsy shop, and maybe even give some stuff away. And then I plan on telling you about how Jeneric Generation might be changing a bit.

If you care to find out, I hope you’ll stick around. I’ve missed you guys.

P.S. If you want a few Etsy shop hints RIGHT NOW (and later on, discount codes and updates!), follow my shop on instagram. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to give you all the details!! See you soon.