My Capsule Wardrobe Problem (and a vintage wool blazer)

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12-month style challenge: Thrifting my way to a perfect capsule wardrobe

A few weeks ago I made my clothing rack dreams come true. And now I have a problem. But first:

If you can’t relate to dreaming about owning a clothing rack, let me try to help you understand: a clothing rack makes your clothes look like they live in a magical boutique where everything for sale fits you–and your style–perfectly.

When your clothes are visible, and hanging harmoniously on one modestly sized garment rack, it’s hard to be overwhelmed in the morning.

Most days, I feel like a paperdoll choosing the appropriate outfit for the day. Tea party? Birthday bash? First day of school? Check, check, check. (Just change “tea party”, “birthday bash” and “first day of school” to: church, mom’s group, and working from home.)

And for some inexplicable reason, seeing your clothes outside of your closet is an eye-opening experience (speaking as my three-dimensional self).

When I transferred my clothing from my closet to my mini external closet, I was unable to overlook a fact that I have known deep down inside, but never openly admitted… Continue reading “My Capsule Wardrobe Problem (and a vintage wool blazer)”

Dear Tortured, Creative Soul: be stylish, be free

Dear Tortured, Creative Soul: here's why you want to be stylish.

Photo of Stacy London for Into the Gloss.

Dear Tortured Creative Soul,

I used to be obsessed with the TLC show, What Not To Wear. I would still be obsessed if it weren’t currently off the air. But that’s a sad story for another day.

On that show, women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, were nominated by their goodhearted, better-dressed friends to be made over by the capable non-couple, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

One of the big life-lessons I learned from that show growing up was that it seemed there was a well-established trend among moms that their kids came before their appearance.

That was a common confession when Stacy probed them in her best-friend-but-also-a-shrink kind of way, as to how they had gotten into the habit of calling a shower the extent of their personal care routine.

“I’m just so busy taking care of my daughter. She comes first.” 

It should have been the theme song. And Stacy’s answer was always the same. She would hug that mom, look into her weepy, tired eyes, and say authoritatively: Continue reading “Dear Tortured, Creative Soul: be stylish, be free”

Thrifting Finds: tweed skirt 2 ways

Okay, I’ve talked a lot about my rules for thrifting a capsule wardrobe for 12 months, and some of my challenges so far, so I think it’s high time I start showing you some of the things I have found!

I’m happy with my success so far. At the beginning of this challenge, I was genuinely worried that I wouldn’t find enough pieces I liked to build a capsule wardrobe. I think it’s safe to say that’s a fear that won’t come to fruition.

First up, let’s talk about this Zara tweed skirt. I have always had a thing for tweed. It adds texture to any outfit, and as long as the cut is modern, I love a little tweed in my wardrobe!

This skirt practically jumped off the rack and into my cart a few weeks ago at the local Best Thrift Store, and I took it home with me for $6! I have a black and white tweed skirt from the LOFT that I’ve worn for years, and even though this black and gray one will serve a similar purpose, I decided to get it since my other skirt is such a staple in my capsule.

This skirt will go with pretty much anything, but here are two of the ways I will be wearing it:

Thrifting a capsule wardrobe: Zara skirt, jacket, and boots all thrifted!

Outfit details: Tweed skirt: thrifted/$6, Jacket: thrifted/$3, Boots: thrifted/$9, Purse: H&M, Earrings: Etsy/gift, Bracelet: flea market Continue reading “Thrifting Finds: tweed skirt 2 ways”

3 Tips to Keep You Sane While Thrifting

Thrifting your wardrobe: 3 super helpful shopping tips for thrifters!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been working on thrifting my capsule wardrobe, despite the fact that the blog has been quiet the past couple of months.

To be perfectly honest, I got pretty frustrated with this challenge a few weeks ago. After hitting up several thrift stores in a row, I suddenly had this feeling that I had no idea what my personal style was. I couldn’t tell if I was just being too picky, or if everything on the thrift store racks really was just garbage.

The problem was solved when I finally found a few things that spoke to me, and I couldn’t think of reasons to talk myself out of buying them (I was getting really good at that). It turns out, it just took a few “hits” after a lot of misses, to get back into a groove.

It was through this phase of frustration, however, that I was able learn a few important lessons about thrifting, and my personal style. If you find thrifting difficult, unsatisfying, or too-time consuming, maybe these tips will speak to you.

First, let me remind you why I chose to thrift a capsule wardrobe for 12 months in the first place: I want to develop a wardrobe outside of the confines of the latest trends. I want to be sure I’m not wearing things just because it’s what I see everyone else wearing. Not because there is anything wrong with that, but because I want a cohesive style that is truly me!  I want a wardrobe that fits my body perfectly, and is comfortable for my day-to-day life. And of course, the money-saving thing is helpful, too!

I hope to collect more thrifting tips as the months go by in my 12-month thrifting challenge, but right now, these are some helpful things I have learned so far. They help keep me sane, and will hopefully help you stay sane as well, should you choose to make a little more time for thrifting in your life.

So here they are: three tips to keep you sane while thrifting… Continue reading “3 Tips to Keep You Sane While Thrifting”