When Thrifting Works: and a pep talk on creativity

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My 12-month style challenge: everything secondhand

Fact: Thrifting is not fun until suddenly it is.

The magic happens when you find that first piece of clothing that makes your heart beat a little faster, and causes you to break out into a slight sweat until you have examined the piece and concluded confidently that there are no tears, snags, rips, holes, stains, or pilling. And in that moment, you feel like you can do anything.

Or at least, you feel like thrifting a capsule wardrobe for a year is something you don’t have to fail at.

This color block sweater was one of the first items I found, and I love its boxy cut and fitted short sleeves (you’ll have to trust me on that). A few weeks later, I found this tweed jacket (it’s tweed + a jacket so you know I love it).

When two thrifted items come together in one outfit and work so harmoniously, I might as well be wearing a solved algebra problem, for all the satisfaction it brings me.

My 12-month style challenge: everything secondhand

Outfit details: Color block sweater: thrifted/$4, Tweed jacket: thrifted/$2, Black corduroy pants: AG/old, Black boots: thrifted/$9, crossover bag: Modcloth/old

The past few weeks I have been super busy, trying to finalize my second product line for my paper shop, and just catching up on things that were being neglected (not that I ever let laundry pile up or anything…).

Creative outlets are necessary to my health and well-being, and sometimes I wonder if I really need a blog and an Etsy shop to satisfy that need.

But then I realize that is just the practical, reasonable side of my brain speaking.

The truth is, my wardrobe is a solid foundation for my other creative pursuits, and while it is not necessary to blog about my style challenge in order to benefit from it, writing about it and connecting with readers keeps me accountable, and forces me to think about my clothing habits a lot more.

And my clothing habits are only proving my theory that getting dressed in clothes you love, gives you a daily advantage.

I am pretty real sure that my Etsy shop wouldn’t progress if I lived in pajamas and oversized t-shirts. And I’m pretty sure I would’t love working on it as much as I do if I didn’t feel so creatively fulfilled in other areas of my life.

So how’s that for a creativity endorsement? It’s Monday. And you can make this week as creative as you choose. Whether that means not eating the same thing you always eat for breakfast, finding a solution to a small problem, finding a way to enjoy the mundane chores on your to-do list, writing down your thoughts on being a mom, sending a letter to a friend, or finding a new work out.

BE CREATIVE TODAY. It’s for your own good.


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