Hello, again.

Dear friends,

I know you haven’t been sitting at your computer, refreshing my blog’s url every five minutes, waiting to hear the next saga of my fashion journey, over these past ten months.

But I just want you to know that I think about you a lot.

And I haven’t forgotten that there might be a handful of you out there who are slightly curious as to what happened after a harrowing year of only shopping for clothes second-hand.

Maybe half a handful.

But that doesn’t matter.

Here’s the truth, in short:

I stopped suddenly because I felt stuck.

I was having a few “aha” moments in the way I shopped and dressed myself, but it was still so fuzzy in my mind, I never felt motivation to stop and tell you just how confused I was.

After all, we were just talking about style. How complicated can it really be?

You have no idea.

But because I don’t believe in writing when the windshield is covered with ice, I have waited.

And waited.

I’ve also been frustrated.

I’ve prayed.

And been frustrated again.

And I’ve waited some more.

Until finally, the points of my scattered thoughts started to connect. And after staring at them long enough, they started to look something like little constellations of ideas.

And I grew hopeful.

The point is: the windshield is not frozen over, but it is still smudged with melting ice.

The good news is: grabbing a squeegee is the easy part.

I have clarity about the direction of my blog, and it absolutely includes a style update.

But after that, I want to give you something more.

If you can wait a little bit longer, I would love to have you back.

I’m currently writing, organizing, tweaking, and editing, editing, editing.

I can’t promise your socks will be knocked off or anything, but I do hope this new phase of things will be entertaining to you at the least, and helpful to you at the very most.

Until then,


P.S. Until then, follow me on instagram @jennylizdub. Or on facebook, where I will share when things are up and running again.