Dear Meghan Trainor: if you want that “one and only”


Could Meghan Trainor’s newest single, Dear Future Husband, be any catchier? I mean seriously.

That being said, I am going to humbly suggest that with a few lyric changes, this song could, in fact, be catchier. I took the liberty of rewriting Dear Future Husband as a letter to Meghan Trainor, instead. I hope she doesn’t mind. (But what artist doesn’t like their work tampered with?!)

Press play and sing along with my new lyrics, below!

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor–Alternate Lyrics by Jenny Williams

Dear Meghan Trainor,
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if you wanna have
that “one and only” all your life

You might deserve a date
But don’t demand a date
Or else you’ll get that guy
Who buys you flowers every anniversary
But he won’t treat you right
Any other night
‘cause you only make demands, oh-only make demands

He’s got that 9 to 5
and, baby, so do you
But you’ll both starve to death if you are keeping track
Of who cooked what last night
It’s not about what’s right
But giving all the time
All-all the stinking time (hey)

He’s gonna know how to treat you like a lady
‘cause you’ll be acting like a lady
and he’s just that kind of guy

Dear Meghan Trainor,
Here’s a few things you’ll need to know if you wanna have
that “one and only” all your life
Dear Meghan Trainor,
If you wanna get that special lovin’
Don’t make specific bargains each and every night

After every fight
you’ll apologize
‘cause that’s how you will show him that you love him all the time
even when he’s wrong
(‘cause sometimes he’ll be wrong)
But he’s the one, the only and the one

He’s gonna know how to treat you like a lady
‘cause you’ll be acting like a lady
and he’s just that kind of guy

Dear Megan Trainer,
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if you wanna have
that “one and only” all your life (hey, baby)
Dear Megan Trainer,
Make time for him
Don’t leave him lonely
And know that he’ll love your family just as much as his

Every night you’ll end up in the same bed
Which won’t be fun if you’ve been nagging all day–long
If you’re a classy girl
He’ll be a classy guy
And you’ll both make mistakes, both-both make mistakes

He’s gonna know how to treat you like a lady
‘cause you’ll be acting like a lady
and he’s just that kind of guy

Dear Megan Trainer,
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if you wanna have
that “one and only” all your life
Dear Megan Trainer,
If you wanna get that special loving
don’t make specific bargains each and every night

Oh, Oh, Megan Trainer, you’ve got one shot to get this right


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This post was inspired by my initial annoyance of the lyrics of this song, as well as this xojane article by Marci Robin.

Favorite Finds


This was at 26 weeks pregnant and 33 weeks pregnant. Today, I am on my way to 35 weeks and I really can’t believe it. Around the holiday season, I had so many other things on my mind, that ever since January my third trimester has been flying by! I am grateful that it doesn’t feel like it is dragging on forever, but I feel an urgent need now to finish up all the little projects we want to get done before baby gets here. Only five and a half weeks left!

And now, a few of my favorite finds from the past few weeks…

favorite finds

1) Violet received these little cow booties (from a local Oklahoma store) at my baby shower a couple of weeks ago. Aren’t they hilarious? I love them!


2) Since I can’t stop daydreaming about summer, I took a mental vacation to St. Lucia via this post (that first outfit!!).

3) Hilariously accurate-sounding texts from the Dashwoods (of Sense and Sensibility fame)

4) I’m currently trying to finish the Harry Potter series for the second time around before the baby comes, and then I really, really want to read this book, thanks to this friend’s review. Have you read it?

5) Lately, I’ve been into “doing my brows”. I might want to try this stuff next, instead of a pencil. Do any of you have any opinions on it?


6) Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World. This is such a fun book for your coffee table if you like words accompanied by cute illustrations.

7) How to take a selfie from The Daily Tay:


8) I really enjoyed this post from a favorite blogger of mine: You don’t have to go to grad school (to have a life of the mind).

9) Seven ways to grow your twitter audience–a realistic plan that produces genuine connections.

10) A chic (and very simple) updo using only a hair claw.


Share a favorite find of yours from around the web in the comments, OR share a post from your blog this week! I’d love to read it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Favorite Finds

Well hello, and happy Friday! I haven’t done a Favorite Finds post in a while, so I have a lot to say about the material things I am loving right now. Keep reading if you want to know what drink is making me feel like superwoman these days, what old school electronic is floating my boat, and what is helping me stay in shape during my second trimester.favorite finds

1) I am loving this sweet almond oil for my dry winter hands and face. It also feels lovely on my growing baby belly, and I’m hoping it helps ward off stretch marks in the coming weeks! I have always loved coconut oil for moisturizing, but its one and only drawback is that it doesn’t absorb quickly. It is great for wearing to bed, but not as great as a heavy-duty moisturizer before applying makeup. I find almond oil to absorb a little better. Coconut oil, you are still my favorite!


2) I keep having to remind myself that I am basically training for a marathon with this whole giving birth to a human being thing that is apparently happening to me whether I like it or not in a few months. I have always enjoyed exercising, to an extent, but knowing that I am working toward something tangible (a human being coming out of my body… eeeeeh), I have found a little extra motivation to work out these days. I have been sticking with walking, yoga, squats, and using this mini trampoline. Nothing too crazy.

Jumping on the ground is not recommended for pregnant women, but jumping lightly on a mini trampoline is fantastic for many reasons. I used to jump more vigorously before I was pregnant (and before I knew I was pregnant…oops), and it is just so much fun! Now, I barely lift my feet off the mat, and focus on pushing my weight downward to build muscle. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, especially with dance music. I try to jump for at least ten minutes every day before the rest of my workout.

(p.s. The one I linked to is the one I use. It is a little pricier, but I don’t pay for a gym membership, or buy fancy exercise equipment, so it is totally worth it! If you are interested in the benefits of jumping on a trampoline, google “health benefits of rebounding” and be amazed.)


3) If you follow me on instagram, you may have picked up on the fact that I am in love with kefir. My mom made me try it when I was visiting from DC this past summer, and since we moved here, she has shared her starter with me and I am officially an addict. Have you tried it? It’s basically fermented milk that is loaded with probiotics. Sounds delicious, right? I know it doesn’t. But blended with fruit and honey, it becomes a thing transformed. And I can’t get enough. Along with a million probiotics, it also produces serotonin and makes you feel amazing. And I do. I feel amazing. I plan on dedicating an entire post to kefir soon. Get excited!!


4) In college, my sisters and I lived in a house together, and we used the extra bedroom as a dance room. It had wood floors, awesome acoustics, and a killer stereo system that was older than us. Sure, we used ipods or whatever, but my favorite thing about it was my record player. A few weeks ago, I dug it out of my old bedroom at my parents’ house, and hooked it up in our living room. Most listened to record? Handel’s Messiah. I’m working on growing my ’70s rock collection, but right now I am content listening to Messiah on repeat. It’s just the most beautiful piece of music my ears have ever absorbed.

I am also re-reading parts of this book, which made me love Messiah even more a few years ago. If you enjoy Handel’s Messiah, or music history, I highly recommend it. Or, if you don’t love Messiah, but want to love Messiah, this book will help you out.

I’ll leave it at that before I get too carried away. As Christmas approaches, I grow wary of sharing links to things that cost money on my blog because I know how old “must buy this season!!” posts can get this time of year. Forgive me if I include links in the next 30 days, but I’ll try to limit them to things that absolutely-must-be-shared-or-else.

Have a wonderful weekend! And as always, I would love it if you shared what you are loving right now in the comments, as well as a link to your favorite blog post you wrote this week (or this month…whatever). Tis the season for sharing. Well, almost.


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On Settling In and Craigslist Weirdos


Oh, the dreaded blank page of a new post.

Since we have moved to Oklahoma, I have found it very difficult to feel inspired to blog. Settling-in is very mentally taxing, I have found. And if you recall the size of the trailer we left Virginia with, you may be able to put it together that we don’t have a fully-furnished home right now. We are grateful for our home, but feeling a little unorganized and discombobulated. I am currently typing this post on a small cards table on loan from my sister. I am sitting in a chair borrowed from a friend. It takes a village to create a home for two adults.

Here are a few things that have/haven’t happened since we moved:

1) I have seen my family more in the past month than I typically do in a year.

2) We have not once been frustrated by traffic. (!!!!)

3) We have seen gas prices under $3.00.

4) Eric has pointed out something I never really noticed before: there are a lot more cars with tinted windows here than in DC.

5) We have stayed up really late becoming reacquainted with a favorite childhood game.

6) Everything is less expensive here!! That is technically not something that falls under this list, but it is worth mentioning.

7) We have discovered not one, but two, really cool libraries. The kind that make me say, “Way to go, Oklahoma.” And the kind that inspire me to put books on hold at my every whim. Books on hold is the best thing ever!

8) Speaking of, I read Anne Frank’s diary. Yes, for the first time at the age of 27. It was like the fictional Dear America Diary series I was obsessed with as a child, but true, and way better.

9) I have discovered a renewed love for making chicken stock and storing it up for winter. Not unlike a squirrel.

10) In searching for a couch on Craigslist, I contacted this person. Rather than simply ignoring it, I almost replied with my own picture of my elbow in front of a chair, but then decided responding in German is always the best thing to do.



11) An orange cat has adopted our front porch as its favorite lounging spot. I like dogs better, but this little guy has won my heart with his cute sleeping positions. And because I feel special for having been chosen.

Add to that list two trips to the ER for a recurring injury in Eric’s neck, Eric finding a job, me trying to figure out what I am going to do, a lot of thrift-store hunting, and discovering that we have a Half Price Books just down the road, and you have the perfect concoction of (waning) stress, happiness and confusion.

But I am tired of feeling creatively uninspired–of spending all my mental energy on trying to feel more permanent. I came across this quote, which motivated me to start a new post with only the mere hope of inspiration following:

“Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.” -Madeleine L’Engle

But, just for fun, tell me: what has you feeling inspired lately?