best exfoliant ever

I have to share this. I have tried many exfoliants in my day, both store bought and homemade, and I have never been blown away with any of the results. But I tried this one recently, and it works miracles on those pesky little flakes of skin that seem to appear on my face every few days and interfere with flawless make-up application.

The second best part? It uses just two household ingredients! Just mix a little brown sugar and olive oil, and apply weekly or every few days.

Also, when it is on your face, you will look like you have a glorious tan. Which is fun. And unrealistic for those of us who work in offices below ground. Dreaming is good for the soul.

Have you tried this trick?You can also use it as a salad dressing on tasty summer salads. Just kidding. You can’t do that. Don’t do that. But I do fully support licking your lips when it is running down your clean face.


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