The Beauty of Aging

Monday, August 17, 2015 0 No tags


We recently watched the movie Fargo for the first time (!!!), and I just loved Frances McDormand’s character. Have you seen this video of her talking about the aging process in our society today? I’d seen it before, but I liked it even better when I re-discovered it.

Frances talks about the tragedy of our culture’s obsession with hiding the signs of aging. Our obsession with looking perpetually youthful relays a much deeper message: that growing old is not a gift.

And if growing old is a curse rather than a blessing, then every hour that passes is tainted with fear.

As McDormand opines, taking away ten years off your face with surgery is taking away ten years of your life that you should be proud of. If wrinkles and sagging skin are a sign of life well-lived, then it shouldn’t be anything to hide, right?

What do you think of Frances McDormand’s message about aging? How did we come to be a country that values youth over wisdom? Plenty of other cultures don’t fear the aging process.


P.S. I’d love to look exactly like this woman one day.

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