In November of 2015, I started a 12-month experiment. After having a baby seven months previous, I felt the need to hit “reset” on my wardrobe, and nail down my personal style. I have always loved fashion, but those first few months postpartum weren’t full of my best beauty looks, to say the least. Sure, I felt beautiful as a mother, and was embracing the way my body had changed, but I wanted to be a little more proactive in my day-to-day routine. I wanted a creative challenge that would stretch me and take me out of my comfort zone.

My style experiment is this: buy all of my clothing at thrift and consignment stores, for 12 months. You may be wondering why. And I’ll tell you! I wrote about it in detail here, and I wrote about the “official” rules, here. But if you want the version that comes in a nut shell, here it is: I felt like my current style was just a blend of everything I see on pinterest, style blogs, and at the mall. How did I know if that was really “me”? After all, the women whose style I admired most was very much their own, and not what everyone else was wearing (cute as that may be).

So how do you find that distinct sense of style? I don’t have all the answers yet, but I have a few theories. I am choosing to thrift my clothing for this one practical fact: the clothing that makes up the aisles of second-hand shops come from all different decades, and all different walks of life. In thrift stores, it is easier to think about style independent of trends and mannequins. I wanted to see what I gravitated toward, and see if I could connect the dots of my personal taste.

So, until November 2016, I’m going to be asking some questions about personal style, and hopefully getting a whole lot of answers. I’ll also be showing you the capsule wardrobe I am building along the way, and the many thrifted outfits that come out of it.

If you can relate to being in a style rut, or want to figure out your own personal style more distinctly, I’d love to have you join the discussion! There is a lot we can learn from each other, so stick around, if you please!


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