The Significance of Decision-making

Thursday, June 26, 2014 0

Here’s something writing has taught me about life: scrolling mindlessly through my phone before bed is worse for me than reading a book I enjoy before bed.

When I am scrolling mindlessly through my phone before bed, it is easy to convince myself that I am relaxing and it’s fine that I am not reading (which I enjoy immensely more).

And here is how that relates to writing:

If I did not have this blog to record my writing from three years ago, I might think my writing style has, for the most part, remained stagnant. I might think that writing almost every day didn’t do that much to improve my writing. I might think that discipline is just something you do to torture challenge yourself–that it doesn’t yield results.

What I mean is that the small steps we take every day that build upon each other, are easily forgotten. Or simply overlooked. We know where we are now, but we have forgotten what it took to get here.


I think it should be encouraging that every good decision is a  triumph. Whether it is choosing to eat something delicious and good for our bodies instead of something mediocre and non-beneficial to our bodies, or choosing to be patient with our spouse instead of angry, it is good to be reminded that our decisions and efforts add up.

It is good to be reminded that doing the things we enjoy, rather than the things we do for no reason at all, mean something. Just like every sentence I have written stacked up to over 300 blog posts, every night of reading instead scrolling or scrolling instead of reading, has become a part of where I am today.

There is significance in writing on the days I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like that in the moment at all. But when I look back over three years, I know I didn’t create a blog by not writing every day. And I actually find that quite shocking. Because that is how finite my mind is.

There is significance in winding down with a book before bed instead of browsing instagram beyond the point of enjoyment. There is significance in every thought we think, and everything we do. And when we are drawing our final breath, it will be because every one of them before that was numbered.


Do you forget that small moments are significant? Do you think it is comforting or scary that they are? Or do you not think every decision is significant? I would love to know your thoughts!

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