My Capsule Wardrobe Problem (and a vintage wool blazer)

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12-month style challenge: Thrifting my way to a perfect capsule wardrobe

A few weeks ago I made my clothing rack dreams come true. And now I have a problem. But first:

If you can’t relate to dreaming about owning a clothing rack, let me try to help you understand: a clothing rack makes your clothes look like they live in a magical boutique where everything for sale fits you–and your style–perfectly.

When your clothes are visible, and hanging harmoniously on one modestly sized garment rack, it’s hard to be overwhelmed in the morning.

Most days, I feel like a paperdoll choosing the appropriate outfit for the day. Tea party? Birthday bash? First day of school? Check, check, check. (Just change “tea party”, “birthday bash” and “first day of school” to: church, mom’s group, and working from home.)

And for some inexplicable reason, seeing your clothes outside of your closet is an eye-opening experience (speaking as my three-dimensional self).

When I transferred my clothing from my closet to my mini external closet, I was unable to overlook a fact that I have known deep down inside, but never openly admitted…

My problem has to do with jackets. I have too many of them. Too many, that is, for a capsule wardrobe.

I love light weight outerwear, sue me.

What I need, is to stop thrifting jackets. Will you all help keep me accountable?

I will be sharing a few more jackets on my blog in the coming weeks, because I own them and you better believe I’ll be getting use out of them, but I am going to stop buying them.

And that’s a pseudo-promise I have every intention of trying really hard to keep.

The thing about building a capsule wardrobe is that you can’t afford to have too many of one thing.

My jacket problem means I have another problem by default: too few of another staple–tops. I have approximately three tops/shirts I can wear right now for my everyday casual wear, and they feel a little bullied by the jacket section a few garments down the rack.

And I completely understand that.

But this 12-month-thrifting challenge is called a challenge for a reason. And I’m going to step up to the plate and defend the underdog. The underdog being shirts. I’m going to buy more shirts!

(You might recognize this blazer from THIS picture, the first time I wore it.)

12-month style challenge: Thrifting my way to a perfect capsule wardrobe

Outfit details: Vintage Wool Blazer: thrifted/$10, Striped dress: LOFT/old, Necklace: Target/old, Booties: Target/old

This particular blazer (jacket), came with a matching ankle-length skirt! I plan on taking it to a tailor to be hemmed to above the knee, and then not wearing it with the blazer. As for the blazer, ideally, the sleeves should fit a little tighter. Hopefully I’ll have a alterations-transformation post for you in the near-future!

My current thrifting goal: stop buying jackets. Start buying shirts.

Have you had any thrifting success lately? Are you currently using a capsule wardrobe? Do you love personal garment racks as much as I do?? Or jackets???



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