The Secret to Chic: lessons from a photograph

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Let’s talk, for a second, about all the things this woman has going for her. (photo source)

  • She is beautifully dressed–complete with a broach and jaunty little hat
  • This is the outfit she chose for an ice cream date (no polyester here)
  • She obviously knows that silvery gray looks beautiful on her–and why mess with a good thing
  • The hair around her hat is styled (but I like to think that under the hat, it’s all tussled–because she is good at keeping secrets)
  • She isn’t wearing blush–probably because she isn’t trying to look younger
  • Her smile is adorable and genuine–she obviously has a wonderful sense of humor
  • She is eating ice cream (if she really is eating ice cream by herself, all the more proof she has a great sense of humor)
  • She is wearing red lipstick while eating ice cream
  • She chose vanilla, because you can never go wrong with a classic (and I’m going to guess it is not sugar-free)
  • She has good posture
  • She didn’t decline her photo being taken, which might be a sign that she feels good about the way she looks

Of course, this is a lot of speculation mixed with observation. But it’s what my subconscious would be screaming at me if I passed this darling woman on the street. And if I sat next to her at a dinner party, I would want to get to know her for the interesting person she is. I would start by asking her opinion on hats. I have a feeling she would tell me her late husband caught her eye many years ago because he looked so handsome in a hat.

Now let’s take a look at a recent photograph of Kim Kardashian and do the same kind of speculative study. Just kidding. But I think that brings up a wonderful point about what being chic is all about, Charlie Brown.


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