In defense of journaling

Do you journal? I have been journaling since I was twelve. But, this past year, I haven’t been very faithful to it. I have written in that thick, leather-bound book maybe three times since Eric gave it to me for my birthday last year. I have plans of changing that.

If you google “benefits of journaling”, you will find a lot of information on how wonderful it is for your mind. I have always thought that I would be a different person today if I had not been journaling most of my life, and I feel verified.

Things never seem as troublesome or overwhelming once they are on paper, in the form of mere letters. I have found that vague thoughts can be haunting, until they are slain with the power of the pen.

I find myself recycling my thoughts a lot. I used to be a little discouraged upon coming across a journal entry from a year ago, that bore an uncanny resemblance to the “original” one I wrote more recently. With this blog, I realize that I say very similar things quite often, but I have given up being paranoid about it.

As I work my thoughts out, and write them and rewrite them, I’d like to think they become a little bit better, a little bit clearer with every passing day. This life we have been given takes a while to figure out, I guess. And anyway, if I were not writing things down, I would be under the delusion that my thoughts really are original to me, every day. So, that’s one benefit: I am fighting off delusions.

Some people have the talent to speak as they think. That is not me. I must write, or at least write, and then speak. Are you a speaker or a writer? Which refreshes you more?

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