All the Fun of a Long Distance Move

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 0 No tags

Oh, hello there!

I have been in another world for the past week and a half. That’s what it has felt like. Not only because Oklahoma is so different from Virginia/DC, but mainly because nothing is familiar (except for family–they are great, and pretty familiar). You’d think it would be familiar, given the fact that I grew up here and have only been away for five years. But I wasn’t working when I left. I wasn’t married. I wasn’t the same person.


We packed up all of our belongs only what we could fit in a 5×8 trailer two Sundays ago and hit the road the next day. We knew the trailer would add a little bit of time to our trip, but we were not anticipating it to take quite so much longer. Our plan was to drive to Indiana to visit my brother and his family on the first day, which google told us was about 12 hours away. Then, we would drive the remaining 9 hours from there the following day.

Let’s just say it didn’t go like that at all. The first day, we drove 22 hours straight (with a few naps at rest stops and an emergency stop at Jiffy Lube, to mention a few delays). The next leg of the trip was a mere 17 hours. If you guessed we were happy to finally arrive in Oklahoma City alive and with most of our sanity, you would be correct.

photo 4

We are in our home in Oklahoma now, and despite the fact that we still need some major pieces of furniture (not that there is anything wrong with beach chairs in the living room), we love it. Moving is extremely stressful in general, and on top of that we are both still looking for employment, so… lots of positive pep talks are happening. The transition phase is the hardest, though. I know everything will work out (don’t you??). One positive thing is that even though we still don’t have internet access, we have a really cool library not far from our house. If all else fails in our lives, we can read ourselves silly.

I am considering myself “back” in the blogging world, although I am not quite sure how I am going to make it all work with no internet for a couple of weeks. But I’ll figure it out. I have to. Blogging will help me stay sane which is to the benefit of us all.


What’s been going on with you? Have you done anything fun and exciting to close out the summer?


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